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2023 State Of Sustainability

The Report To Understand the Lastest ESG Trends

As the world faces an increasing number of environmental, social and governance challenges, the role of businesses in addressing these issues is more crucial than ever.

What are the biggest obstacles and opportunities C-Suite executive face in their pursuit of ESG goals?

How can they get a sustainability edge over their competitors?

Our comprehensive report, based on surveys of leaders and top-level executives worldwide, reveals the latest insights on the current business landscape and the status of organizations when it comes to ESG issues. Download the report now and gain valuable insights into how businesses are approaching sustainability in today’s world.

SimpliFying The Alphabet Soup

The Perfect Guide To TURN Sustainability Jargon in Board Language 

ESG regulations and other technical documentations can be overwhelmingly confusing and make more than one head spin.

That’s why we decipher the sustainability jargon into boardroom language. With our unique breakdown detailed in our document ‘Simplifying the Alphabet Soup’ (extract from the bestselling book Greensight – The Sustainability Guide for Company Directors) you can ensure everyone is speaking the same language.

To bring clarity and alignment to your discussion, allowing your leaders to make the right decisions followed by pragmatic actions, download our document now.

Green Sight Book


Greensight: The Sustainability Guide for Company Directors is here to help senior and C-Suite leaders tackle the sustainability transition by:

  • Simplifying the alphabet soup of sustainability jargon into board language.
  • Providing references, infographics, explanatory tables and checklists for immediate action.
  • Framing four typologies for business sustainability readiness, allowing leaders to assess their company’s current status and set clear goals.
  • Clearly outlining the evolving sustainability governance and accountabilities for boards and C-suites, helping them to avoid costly consequences.

As sustainability imperatives become more and more daunting, with increasing demands from governments, shareholders, partners, employees, and clients, leaders must answer to a host of changing expectations at every level.

Greensight is your handbook to understanding, meeting, and exceeding these expectations.

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