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For Senior Leaders

Are ESG Risks Slowing Down Your Growth?

Are you struggling to make ESG practical and align it with your business goals in Asia?

The Challenge

Navigating ESG complexity, deciphering acronyms, and understanding what applies to your business in Asia is overwhelming.

Keeping up with European and other international legislation is making it harder to sell your products, leaving you uncertain about the next steps. Or if you can even keep selling in that market?

If you're Here, Chances Are...

  • You’ve read books or taken courses on ESG but still can’t apply it effectively in your business.
  • You’re frustrated by the lack of practical, commercially viable ESG strategies.
  • You’re unsure how regulatory changes abroad will impact your operations in Asia.
  • You’re worried about potential asset devaluation, stranded assets, or write-offs.
  • You’re watching the ESG space and wondering if changes may affect your business and bottom line.

Does this sound like you?

If it does, you’re not alone. Join our certification program and transform ESG from a challenge into a competitive advantage.

Bridge The GAP

With the ESG Institute Certified Professional Program, senior leaders in Asia now have the perfect solution to specifically address their ESG challenges.

Practical Application

Make ESG practical and learn how to apply ESG principles while leading people and achieving your business goals.

Expert Guidance

Gain insights and unique perspectives from leading ESG experts who understand the unique challenges faced by businesses in Asia.

Commercial Focus

Develop strategies that make commercial sense, drive growth in a rapidly changing regulatory landscape and can be practically implemented.

Network Opportunities

Connect with a community of like-minded senior leaders who are navigating the same challenges.

What YoU'll Learn

How to integrate ESG into your business strategy effectively.

Best practices for complying with European and global ESG regulations so you can save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and time to go-to-market. For example:

  • 4% levy on certain products, so you lose part of your margin
  • Don’t know how to report for Europe, so can’t stay in the market
  • How investors and CFOs consider you ESG profile when they decide to invest funds in you, potentially constraining growth opportunities

How to effectively communicate your sustainability agenda to avoid greenwashing.

Practical tools for managing ESG risks and opportunities.

4 psychological change profiles you need to address as a leader so that your organisation follows your leadership direction.

6 Tactics for identifying a sound business case for ESG action.

Strategies for preventing asset devaluation and identifying sustainable investments.

5 components of a robust, commercially sound, ESG roadmap that addresses the global pressure to get greener for an under 1.5˚C world so that you have a clear plan of action.

About Your INstructor

Your instructor is Joanne Flinn, the author of Greensight: The Sustainability Guide for Company Directors, and the Chairwoman of the ESG Institute.

Her passion is helping member business leaders accelerate their transition to Net Zero and beyond through simplifying the complexity of the alphabet soup, capacity building for individuals and pragmatic, commercial roadmaps that deliver business value.

Former Country Head of PricewaterhouseCoopers Financial Services Consulting, she is the Co-founder of the Change Leaders at the University of Oxford (2003). Joanne holds a Bachelors of Economics, a Bachelors of Laws, a post-graduate Diploma in Finance and Investment, and a Masters of Change Leadership (HEC).

Success Stories

“The insights and tools I’ve gained from the ESG Professional Certification improve our Board decision making. They strip away the noise to focus on commercial pragmatic needs to ensure business resilience while using ESG to deliver additional value.”

– Bill Bryant, xBoard Member, Stolt Nielsen, a global shipping entity

“Through this program, I’ve gained a rigorous process for identifying and mitigating risks to business valuations while calibrating right-sized investments in commercial opportunities. Highly recommended”

– Abitha Ganesan, Banker

“The ESG Institute’s certification program provided me with the practical tools I needed to apply ESG principles in my organization. It’s been a game-changer for our growth strategy.”

– Chris Piles, CEO, Ambition Plus, a tech company

“I now feel confident navigating the complex ESG landscape. The program’s focus on practical application and commercial viability is unmatched.”

– Genin Koh, Manager, BDO, an advisory and audit partnership

“I joined the program as an observer to stay informed. I left knowing that my organisation of 2000 people needs to do over the next 2 years to stay commercially relevant in an increasingly ESG driven market.”

– Pragasit Thitaram, CEO, Wellios

Ready to Transform Your ESG Approach?

If you’re ready to turn ESG challenges into opportunities for growth, our certification program is for you. Don’t let the complexity of ESG slow you down. Take the first step towards practical, impactful ESG integration in your business.

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